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For some, we are the final destination - a home to be discovered at the end of a long, strange, personal trip. For others, we are ground zero in the New 'Lude Movement, helping launch a thousand new ships on their own journeys of discovery.

We've found some resources that tell parts of the Quaalude story better than we ever could, or from perspectives, we simply do not have. Others have been recommended by our customers... the elders in our Q Tribe if you will.

All resources here take you away from our site. Godspeed, traveler! Enjoy the trip as your research continues.

And go knowing that here you are never a stranger. Come back often, and share your stories with the rest of the Q Tribe.

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FRONTLINE details our government's inability to learn from history as they connect the dots between the DEA's 'win' over 'Ludes, and their current efforts with meth. The drugs are not the problem; continually trying to legislate morality is. For many, the only problem they ever experienced with Quaaludes centered around acquisition. 

LIBERTY! EQUALITY! FRATERNITY! Our French friends at The Paris Review have a longstanding tradition of catching the groundswell of the next, big American thing since publishing Kerouac's Mexican Girl in 1955. We dig their take on our favorite distraction.

WHEN JORDAN BELFORT, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a truly masterful moment of full-body acting, wrenches himself from the steps of a country club into his white Lamborghini to drive to his mansion, moviegoers are meant to be horrified. Show of hands... was this a 'teachable moment' or 'been there, done that' for you?


RECREATIONAL DRUGS: A classic example of the administration's failure to supervise a drug manufacturer, and how this failure permitted millions in revenues for underground entrepreneurs. It's a simple marketing lesson. Will they EVER learn? 


WIKIPEDIA - METHAQUALONE: A sedative-hypnotic drug that is similar in effect to barbiturates. Its use peaked in the 60's & 70's as a hypnotic, for the treatment of insomnia, and as a sedative and muscle relaxant. It's also been used illegally as a recreational drug… Shhhhh. No show of hands here.


TIMELINE: He started drinking as an undergraduate at Columbia and discovered Quaaludes in 1971, fresh out of the University of Miami Medical School. At first, the pills surfaced only at parties, then at bedtime, then whenever he felt nervous…


YOUTUBE VIDEOS: COMMENT "I had a script from 4 different doctors. No sooner did I cash my scripts, chicks were calling me ready for animal sex"…

Putting it all in context:

Quaaludes did not exist in a vacuum - they were the perfect compliment to the times. This graphic shares the headlines, the top selling albums and blockbuster movies we tuned into during the heyday of Quaaludes, from 1975-1984. Might jog a memory or two for some - our quaaludes stories can be a helpful reminder as well.