Your Quaalude Stories

The all-seeing, deer-in-the-headlights stare. The tingling fingertips. The illegal smile. The feelings of connection and wonder and joy and love and...

If you ever had the pleasure of enjoying methaqualone, you personally know why we are such fans. Delivering pure pleasure was what these groovy little tabs were all about.

Sadly outlawed, here in '82 and abroad by '89, younger generations may never experience this joy beyond the impressions we share through the stories we pass down. As Baby Boomers, it is our responsibility to share this special lore now... before we forget the details altogether.

WARNING: Quaaludes were prized for their ability to remove inhibition

The stories told by users of 'Ludes may involve inappropriate, immoral or illegal behavior... (oh, goody)!

Not judgin'. Just sayin'.

Read on at your own peril. 

Your Quaalude Stories   

# Steelerpeach 2017-06-03 22:09
We called them sopors. Ten cents apiece. Best times of my life 1970 in Ohio state campus. 71s and orange A/S. man!!!!
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# amy lynne 2017-05-29 22:05
Delighted you have tee-shirts. i had an original, used Rorer 714 tee shirt, given to me as a gift sometime in the 1980s. Someone fucking stole that tee shirt from my home. They left me my other drug tee,a very nice one, made before methaqualone was the recreational drug of choice for many of us, and left my original rock and roll tee shirts (yes, I did work in the business for a brief period of time) but stole my fave shirt. Unlike yours, it simply had the Rorer 714 pill on the front. Perhaps you'd be willing to recreate that one!! But for now, yours will do quite happily as a replacement.

However, if any of you are or know the person who stole my favorite tee shirt...
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# Jeff 2017-05-28 18:33
Back in 1969, I was dating a girl, whose mother was a nurse. She had a giant shopping bag full of pharmaceutical samples, so one day, we went through it looking for secenol, tuinol or black beauties. None of them, but we did find a bottle of 500 'Ludes and it ended up being a pretty mellow summer for our little gang of juvenile delinquents.
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# BHW 2017-04-15 17:32
This site was... how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me.
Thank you!
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# R J McCoy 2017-03-13 15:47
Hi everyone !

I took Rorer 714 Quaaludes consistently from switching over from Tuinals, Nembutals, August 1971 until, about August of 1975, then when "I could get them, as the script writers both in NC and South Fla, were less abundant, from 1976 until my last Quaalude, a Lemmon 714, very rare because it was pharmaceutical "pure" October of 1981 in Charlotte NC by then..even my Coke friends could not get them I bought 1/2 of a prescription from my drinking buddy, who could still get 60 x 300 mg of the 714's about 3 times a year from a aging old school country MD in rural NC.

My wildest story, I upgraded my Spring Break experience, from Ft. Lauderdale, or, Daytona Beach FL, to San Juan PR for a 10 day stay, @Holiday Inn On the Beach in Isla Verde, close to the El San Juan Hotel & Casino. I am male and my buddy, both of us about age 23, in mid March of 1973, took about 30 Quaaludes, and, about 60 ten mg Roche Valium on this trip. The Holiday Inn was 90% + full, 410 rooms I swear the ratio of single, mostly out of college, yuppies, females to males, by the pool was 3 to 1, females to males. "no families". I flirted at the pool with many NE corridor drop dead gorgeous females, mostly our age, but, many females age 25 to 34, traveling in pairs (females) from NYC, Chicago, Boston, etc.

The word got out fast, I had "Quaaludes" and, back then, I was a Carolina country boy, 6'1" about 175 lbs., and, so was my male buddy, I ran out of Quaaludes, as, many girls spread the word, I, with the Southern Accent, had the Ludes, nicknamed, "McCloud" from the old TV series, with late Dennis Weaver. I got overwhelmed from the sensationalism, and, ran out of Quaaludes, giving them away, as I and my buddy got a date every night, for all 10 nights, and, I even had "call girls" and even NYC females knocking on my Holiday Inn door begging for another Quaalude !! I was not a dealer, just out for having fun and, physical intimacy !!! I rented a car for one day, and, went to a San Juan Urgent Care Clinic and scored another sixty (60) x 300mg of Rorer Quaaludes, and, passed them around, between the Holiday Inn pools, and Cabana clubs, always with cute tanned girls, at walking distance, El San Juan Hotel swimming pools, and, going to dance clubs, (before the disco days) and saw R&B group "War" with our dates drinking usually Pina Colada and everyone taking a Quaalude. It was at its peak in popularity, because it was still a USA Schedule VI, with PRN refills, until, July 1, of 1973 when it became a C-II.

I have many fond memories, the girls would almost attack you for a Quaalude, as they saw them as an "Aphrodisiac" which I agree they affected me the same way in the early days of use. On my way back to Charlotte NC, I stopped in Miami, for a 1-day layover to get another 100 Quaaludes from one of my two M.D sources, in Coral Gables, Fla, again in March of 1973. Ludes were very popular @ my former colleges Univ. of Miami and Univ. of Georgia, and, University MD's at College infirmary’s dispensed them with ease in the early 1970's. I also had, lots of problems, later on, mid 70's keeping a drivers license, driving (foolishly) and, I wrecked and total-lossed 2 cars between 1976 and 1980 directly due to mixing Quaaludes, with alcohol. The movie, "Wolf of Wallstreet" for me was very a very sobering, film to watch (2013)

Also lost 1 engagement, due to my habits, by late 70's, doing toot and Ludes. Thus, overall a mixed bag. I love this website, and have bought all of the samples of inventory, and yes, the hats still draw attention to those adults who remember the fond good old days. Also paid a small fortune on E-Bay for original 500-count empty Lemmon and Rorer Quaalude bottles, as I am an aging pack rat !

Peace to all !!!

P.S. Many famous artists also loved Ludes, such as the late Elvis Presley, the late Freddie Prinze, the late John Belushi, also Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall from the TV show in 70's Hollywood Squares, also, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, and even many of former President Carter's Whitehouse staff members, causing, Dr. Peter Bourne to resign in 1978 due to writing too many Quaalude scripts, as, a nosy pharmacist, called in the DEA to a suburban DC pharmacy in Woodbridge, Va, when, the name on the script, rose a red flag, and the news media had a unfortunate heyday, with Dr. Peter Bourne, a Carter appointed aid to be national Drug Czar to aid in the "war on drugs".
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# Greg 2016-10-27 06:34
In 1978, I was living in North Carolina. Four of us would get together once a week at the local bar and would each eat two 300mg 'Ludes and order a pitcher of beer.

This particular evening I ate an extra 300mg. They were mine anyway. Drank a few extra beers and set out for home, to chill and smoke some herb.

I was almost home when I saw blue and red flashing lights… I swear to this day I thought it was an accident. I went around everybody but it was a roadblock to catch drunk drivers.

Cop cars chased me down and I finally pulled over to see what was the matter. They arrested me for drunk driving but I had only 2 beers.

The judge threw the case out as the State Trooper was swearing I was drunk. If they only had known, it was a DUI, not a DWI.

I miss 1978!
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# William 2016-10-27 06:31
We had a party and I happen to have a big, 500 pill bottle, of Quaaludes. Everyone got a 'Lude as they entered the house after about an hour, another buddy is standing in my bedroom doorway and in his Quaalude drool tells me, "Hey man, I'm not getting off on your Ludes!"

He stumbles and falls into my gigantic bookcase, with stereo and all, collapsing everything into a big pile of junk. Someone shouts, "Hey, when do we get naked?"

I rip off my clothes and 50 people follow my lead, half in the pool, I don't remember much after that except taking a shower with another buddy's wife and someone's girlfriend.
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# Peter 2016-10-27 06:29
Someone buys ten small memorabilia Quaalude pharmaceutical bottles from me as gifts to old friends who use to sell Ludes for him back in the late 70's. Turns out he hired a German chemist in 1978 to make a batch of methaqualone.

Made some very good money until busted, then did a year and a half after being popped. When he got out, he moved away and started a CPA firm.

Now, with over 40 employees, he tells me his Quaalude story and sends me a picture of a twin-engine Beechcraft he now owns. The airplane and the company all from the seeds & success of the sale of Quaaludes!
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# Richard 2016-10-27 06:27
Another buyer of Quaalude merchandise used to travel back in the day, with the band Aerosmith. He was sent to 5 different states to get Quaalude scripts from Quaalude clinics. After visiting with his Quaalude clinics he would join up with the band and go on tour and provide Aerosmith with their Ludes.
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# Jack 2016-10-27 06:26
Most of the Quaalude stories I heard over the years were similar to a buddy of mine, who was pulled over by the police while weaving down the road back in the mid-1970s.

As he stumbled out of his car, 6 Ludes fell out of his top pocket on the ground. He quickly scooped them up and devoured them before the cop walked up. The cop found some pot in his car and he was arrested.

Needless to say, his booking and stay overnight after eating 6 Quaaludes was the experience of a lifetime.
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# Steve 2016-10-27 06:24
I'm 59 going on 30 mentally, 102 health wise. I get more compliments on my Quaalude t-shirt and cap… it's crazy.

Had my first joint at 14, my virgin valium at 16, and the race was on. In the late 70's my best friend had a script for 'ludes, and occasionally Tuinal, Seconal, and Nembutal… Such fun.

A guy he knew, that I swear was Wille Nelson's doppelganger sold high-quality bootleg 'ludes. They weren't much weaker, and with my high tolerance (maybe the 6'8" and 220 lb. thing).

I would take a couple to get motivated to mow the lawn. A lot of my friends went out after two and could never figure out how 10 in 24 hours never made me incoherent or even sleepy for that matter. They had the opposite effect on me, but I could maintain with rubber knees.

My family and friends tell me to write a book. I have many stories, including hitchhiking across the US with a perfectly good car and bike at home. I would have never experienced those things driving.

Kids today have no idea what they missed. In those days hippies would always pick up hippies on the road and often they were chicks. I don't have to tell you the benefits of those encounters, but with 'ludes it seemed that clothing removal and prone positions came much easier.
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# Mike 2016-10-27 06:21
One time on Quaaludes me and my buddy popped 2 pills in 15 minutes. 20 minutes after we took the pills we were in the hot tub drinking a beer.

Then we got to the twitchy phase of the pill, it was the best body massage of my life especially since we were in the Hot tub with the jets on!
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# Cody 2016-10-27 06:19
After being removed from the club for knocking people over while trying to dance while on 'Ludes, driving the wrong way down a one-way street, they finally got her to his place.

They tore off their clothes, and tried to make it up the stairs but couldn't and kept falling down. Finally, they gave up and had sex on the stairs, next morning woke up on the stairs with carpet burns all over their elbows & knees.
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# Me & Rich 2016-10-27 06:16
Circa 1974. Me and my best buddy Rich were into music and guitars. We both just purchased, on the same day, a guitar, him a Rickenbacker Bass and me a Fender Strat! We're talking 1973 CLASSIC guitars!

Well, back then 'ludes were probably 2 for $1.00. We used to pop 'ludes and jam.

Anyway, we were over a friends house with our guitars and over the course of 2 hours or so I managed to ingest 7 (yes—SEVEN) quaaludes!

When we left the house I was WASTED! I never put my guitar away in the case as I still had it strapped on me. When we got outside there were maybe 6 or 7 steps going down.

My friend was at the bottom of the steps and I decided to "jump" to the bottom, how dumb. Maybe if I was straight but you know…

As I jumped off the top step, gravity took over, I came down AHEAD of my guitar (a STRAT!!!!!!!) The guitar went up as I went down. My friend Rich let me fall but he made a PERFECT catch of my guitar as it soared over my head and into his arms!

Great catch, but I was left with a twisted ankle and some bruises. Damn, wish I still had that guitar! Such memories.
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# Glen 2016-10-27 06:14
My high school buddy who I shared a house with back in the 1970s, had someone ask him to hold onto a pill press machine and a pillow case full of methaqualone powder. He thought he would run to the local health food store and get some empty capsules and cap up some "Quaaludes" from the powder.

He must have ingested too much powder while capping up the new 'Ludes because he fell asleep at the table and drooled all over a bunch of the methaqualone powder.

Well, it stuck and dried to the side of his face like plaster of Paris and when his girlfriend woke him up and saw his condition she laughed so hard she couldn't catch her breath!
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# CoJ 2016-10-27 06:12
I was working in a pharmacy many years ago when a Rorer salesman brought in Quaalude samples to introduce his "new" product. He dropped off 2 boxes, 96 bottles, each containing 6 tablets and Left 4 additional boxes in ER.

A few weeks later they were selling on the street for ten dollars each and soon after that, happily married nurses were seen screwing in the stairwells…

I rode out the Quaalude era with some or the wildest stories you could ever imagine! Some day I hope to write a book about it—Damnedest thing I ever experienced.
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# Fred 2016-10-27 06:10
Oh, the memories!!! I just turned 70 on September 18th. I wish I found your site a long time ago. One of my fondest 714 memories was from sometime in the very early 70's. Can't really remember. don't know why. Do you??? Well, a few of my friends decided to go bowling while quite loaded on ‘ludes.

I don't think any of our scores got above 50 before we were asked to leave. I do remember falling down as we were leaving and hitting my head on the bumper of my car. No problem, I still could drive home. I did make it home and fell out on the couch only to wake up very late the next day with a large knot on my head and the size 9 rented bowling shoes still on my feet. Thanks again for stirring my memory bank!!!

P.S. I'm ordering a hat.
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# CJ 2016-10-27 06:08
Child of the 70s here. After reading the posted stories I feel I have to include mine.

So High School years were 73-76, during this time I was let's say I was a sought out person to the students of the school I went to, not for Lude's but most everything else. Due to this, I met a guy who's family happened to own a pharmacy in the local area. He somehow had acquired pharmacy size bottles of various pills including Ludes. I mean these contained thousands each, the big brown bottles about 6" x 18".

Anyway, he held a party at his rented home, it was there all was discovered. You know how groups formed that did coke and kinda hid away from everyone else? Well, the same thing happened when I said to our little group "let's put some powered 'ludes on top of a bowl of weed". Well, all I can say is this group huddled around the pipe for so many hours that when we finally came out no one else was there and the sun was up…

So if you took a couple 'ludes and then continued smoking them the high would never leave just kind level off, and man was it great to have that high last for hours upon hours and not worry about od'ing or passing out.

Just sharing, if you didn't smoke em you missed out big time…
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