Tune In

Shel Silverstein's biggest claim to fame may be as the author of childrens books, like 'Where the Sidewalk Ends'. Yet his own child-like fascination with the human condition is found on the pop music charts as well. For many, the bridge here is 'Sahra (sic) Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out' from his '79 album 'Freakin at the Freaker's Ball'.

Shel also observed more adult behavior and chroncled that, too. With this one line he is able to sum up Quaalude's main attraction:

She fumbles and stumbles
And falls down the stairs,
Makes love to the leg of the dining room chair.
She's ready for animals, women or men.
She's doing Quaaludes again.

Give a listen, and enjoy.

Peace and Love.

And 'Ludes.
Mr. Q